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  • Georgia Schermna Projects 133 Tecumseth Street Toronto, ON, M6J 2H2 Canada (map)

Opening: Saturday, Oct. 20th 2-5pm

Exhibition dates: October 20th - November 17th, 2018

Georgia Scherman Projects presents Amplitude of the Infinite, the gallery's fourth solo show

with artist Melanie Authier.

Melanie Authier’s canvases bring viewers into a caterwaul of form, but also of competing

histories. Citing High Modernist Abstraction in both her hard-edge and gestural painting,

Authier positions herself at the interstices of a visual contradiction. But other binaries figure

in, as well: the synthetic and the organic, the technological and the natural, flatness and

depth, the atmospheric and the geological. Dynamisms mingle and co-exist in an exchange

that stretches the limits of their allusions.

“I believe my work references and, at times, wrestles with the after-burn of painting’s past,

art history with a capital ‘A’,” she reflects. “So my preoccupying question is, ‘Where do we go

from here?’” With a dialectical approach that roots down into the brush, each work “sets up

a problem,” with Authier working through the possibility of irresolution as her response. As

such, her paintings churn up art’s freighted histories, with Authier shifting her weight

between chaos and control.

In accompaniment to Authier’s seven-gallery touring exhibition Contrarities and

Counterpoints (2016-18), a catalogue essay by Sky Goodden describes the painter as

baroque for her conversation between exterior and interior, and for her paintings’ roiling

sympathies, elasticities, and their “willing loss of form.” Goodden writes, “She produces

romantic gesture, unlikely light, allaying cimmerian weight, and then crashing forms, sinking

comment into vortex, erupting color from the deep.”